Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleep-deprived and residually-giddy as I am, I don't really have words for the adventure that was Barack-ing the Vote for Senator Obama this weekend with Mike and Amazing-Field-Director-Peachy. It's about hope, it's about capacity, and it's about time. Here's what the BBC said about it.

(This photo was taken a minute or two after the crazy coincidence of Peach saying "Ginger should be here" at the precise moment Ginger stepped off a plane from Ghana and called Mike from O'Hare.)


At Mon Jan 28, 08:31:00 AM CST, Anonymous Bridget said...

Ohh, the dizzy giddiness of the end of Election Day... I know it well.

Looks like fun! Exhausting, frustrating, migraine-inducing fun -- just the way we like it.

At Sat May 17, 02:01:00 PM CDT, Blogger Alter Me said...

whoa!!!! there are 3 of the most fabulous folks i've ever had the pleasure to meet - and all reunited! looks like you had a fab time! and hello to ginger, too x


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