Monday, November 19, 2007

Summer, Tully, and Conley. What uncle could ask for anything more than a week with these adorably rambunctious rapscallions?

The event these candids are from was a friend's birthday party over the weekend (Theme: "Superman, Train, Shark" -- I kid you not) but today's big hullabaloo was Keynote presentations at both Tully and Summer's schools. Yeehaa!


At Wed Nov 21, 09:51:00 PM CST, Anonymous bridget said...

You did Keynote presentations at your relatives' schools? Oh, my, Zac.

(You know, I temporarily forgot the name of that program, and was going to write, "You did PowerPoint presentations..." but then I considered the pain, outrage, shock, and betrayal this would engender in you, I thought better of it, and I went back to your post to find the proper name for the article.)

On what did you present? Do you ever go to a place and not do work? Do you ever go to a place and not engage in direct or indirect Mac proselytism? Is it painfully obvious I am sitting in Penn Station seeking to entertain myself until my connection?


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