Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 days.
4 places to sleep.
3 categories of podcasts.
2 dear old uproarious friends.
1 serious roadtrip.

And it all starts tomorrow. Christa McDermott, Ph D, is moving from Ann Arbor to the Bay Area and I'm her wingman. It'll be grand. And I guarantee we'll still be talking when we arrive at the Pacific.

Xanciña the cat, it has been decided, will not be traveling with us.  Christa will collect her when she's back in April for graduation.

(For your detail-oriented peoples, here's a rough idea of what each day looks like. And the total mileage. Google thinks we can do it in a day and a half. Yeeehaaa!)


At Mon Jan 14, 02:17:00 PM CST, Anonymous bridget said...

That is an impressive amount of country to cover -- even though you're starting in Michigan! It's almost as though Chicago and Minnesota aren't the only places separating the East Coast from the West Coast: incredible!

At Fri Jan 18, 12:13:00 PM CST, Anonymous Piffy said...

Does this mean you finished your finals?


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