Sunday, November 25, 2007

A few shots from San Antonio before I dive back into the books and papers that patiently waited for me here . . .

My sister Anastasia and niece Summer

My brother-in-law Steve and nephew Conley B

My nephew Tully, to the right of his funny-face-making friend

Summer, me, Tully, and the reason my Dad doesn't photograph much

Conley B and me

My folks at Waring TX's famous Steak Night

Storytime with Miss Anastasia for Tully's classes
Enraptured by her finely-crafted silliness

Ski gear lent from friends for a December adventure

All in all, a gratitude-inspiring Thanksgiving break:
  • one holiday,
  • two pumpkin desserts,
  • three kids,
  • four adults,
  • five dog-walks,
  • and six naps,
all delighted in over
  • seven days.


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