Thursday, November 27, 2008

After we stuffed our bellies with a Thanksgiving family feast and walked part of it off around the neighborhood, Kent and Trisha and I visited Ingrid & Charlie at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  None of us were prepared for the Thanksgiving treat the renegade nurses there had prepared -- the twins cuddling together for the first time in their nine weeks out of the womb.  It was a moving sight and so natural that it filled the room with a peaceful contentedness that I struggle to put into words.  Kent noticed that the twins' heart-rates and breathing-rates settled into sync together, and we felt a tranquility and rightness ourselves.   Trisha said it best hours later: "it's like I'm still on an endorphin high."  We just stood there beaming and watched them sleep -- joined over time by more than a half dozen nurses who heard about the sight and had to witness it themselves ("These kids have been through the ringer and now just look at them," one said).  We all agreed we would happily have watched them sleep snuggled together like this all night.  

These two each have their own battles yet to fight (breathing, digesting, seeing and GROWING) but it was obvious to all gathered there to see it that this time together, cheek against cheek and occasionally hand in hand, was good for their whole blessed selves -- mind, body and soul.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My folks are getting ready to wrap up their careers as resident caretakers of the schmancy lofts in downtown Minneapolis.  When they do, they're moving down the street all of two blocks — from one side of the new überchic Guthrie Theatre to the other.  Here's a shot of them from today on the swanky balcony of their new condo, the Zenith, with the Guthrie's stylized-smokestack-marquee in the background.

Monday, November 24, 2008


TEN WEEKS between posts is nothing compared to ELEVEN WEEKS between posts.  Sorry folks.  

But in other news, look at my wee niece and nephew!  They are NINE WEEKS old and getting stronger every day.  You can read all about their adventures in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit here at their Caring Bridge website.  And of course you'll want to see more photos and videos of their adorability here at the very own blog.

Little Ingrid & Charlie are doing well today, we believe, because of all the good energy sent their way in the forms of prayers, positive thoughts, lit candles, unabashed love and unrestrained hugs from the likes of you.  THANK YOU.  Keep 'em coming.