Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've been waiting for months to get Hannah's approval for a photo of her on my Blog. I still haven't got it, but now that it's late and she's asleep, I'm putting this up and seeing how long it takes before she guesses my password and takes it down.

This is Coach Hannah -- she and I and a handful of other supporters rose at 3:40am to brave an 8.5 hour roundtrip bus ride Sunday with the 13 members of the women's equipo de fútbol to their big games in Caranavi. They lost one game and tied the second -- but most of all they had a good time.

My job was as el fotógrafo, a task I took seriously. At least seriously enough to shoot almost 2GBs of action shots and sideline candids. Oh, and seriously enough to get some fantastic mileage out of the phrase "¡Soy la prensa!"

(But honestly, who except a serious photographer would lie down in the soggy grass to take this photo? For the record, the rain and gymnastics weren't as bad as putting up with the incredulous commentary from the human subjects. The ball seemed to understand the artsy look I was going for, don't you think?)


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