Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today (and actually yesterday and tomorrow as well) is the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the village of Chovacollo -- un pueblo de 56 familias across the valley from Carmen Pampa.

Hugh and Maria got all dressed up in the traditional costume (courtesy of Hugh's comadre y copadre there) and danced the cuyada (a word I'll have to ask Hugh to correct my spelling of) while Diana and I took un montón de fotos.

We drank some cerverza and some chicha (a yeasty moonshine made from corn) as -- careful to spill some on the ground for Pachamama and even more careful to try and avoid actually seeing any of the students gathered there do any drinking themselves.

It was a welcome break from an intense week for everybody involved. The air was clear, the sun was warm, the dancing was -- well, Diana and I decided the best adjective is 'colorful.' Great by all accounts.


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