Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have well over 6000 photos from my six short months here, so it wasn't exactly easy to choose the top . . . oh, 400 or so to show on the big screen. Folks have been asking to see them for a while. But when I posted this flyer inviting everybody to see the highlight reel, I felt very sheepish when they got more specific: "Remember that photo of me next to so-and-so? It was in February I think."

So it wasn't perfect -- lots of people missing and a few too many artsy fartsy shots I think -- but it was still fantastic to get to share the beauty that was so easy to notice in my time here. With heroic help, I'll be posting the 220 prints I have tomorrow and Friday the folks in the shots get to take 'em home. I'm leaving a set of DVDs with full-resolution copies of every single shot worth saving, too. But as you may imagine, that all feels insufficient compared to what I'm taking with me. (And no I don't mean the constellation of insect bites, nor the campo vocabulary.)


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