Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tomorrow is la fiesta del San Juan, so the party started tonight. It's also ostensibly the coldest night of the year -- so the party features a big bonfire, usually in folks' yards but up on the canchita for us here at the UAC. Which meant there was room for music videos on the pantalla gigante and, more importantly, some dancing.

But the real hit was the fire of course. And the firecrackers. And the sparklers. There's a little pyromaniac in all of us, I think, and had I grown up in Bolivia San Juan would definitely be my favorite festival.

After I took my artsy fartsy shots, I fulfilled the duty of anyone with a digital camera: I photographed folks and them showed them their pictures. Little Katerine (who delights everybody within a 10 mile radius with her toddling and chubby cheeks) tried to right the balance by ignoring the photographs and staring at the photographer. (Thanks to Mike for this shot.)


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