Sunday, April 23, 2006

No, these are not grubs. (But just out of idle curiosity, would you have believed me?) They're called 'oca' and Hugh brought the tasty little veggies home from the students' organic garden. He roasted them in oil and served them alongside some delicious frijoles, arroz, palta, queso, tomates, y jugo de coco. ¡Que sabroso!

This fellow, on the other hand, is proudly a member of the insect kingdom. (Or is it phylum?) I took his picture on the inside of my bedroom window (screens? who needs screens?) a few weeks ago. Called el cocalero, he's just a little bigger than your average grasshopper, and hides from his predators in the coca fields -- where naturally he blends in beautifully.(As always, you can click on any picture to see it in all its full low-resolution grandeur. E-mail me for the 3MB or 4MB original file -- gotta love 8 megapixels!)


At Wed Apr 26, 05:28:00 AM CDT, Blogger Andrew said...

Hey Zac!

I thought I'd send you tropical greetings from Malaysia--but I'll be spending the weekend in Stockholm (I fly out from KL in the morning).
I spent a few days on an island in northern Malaysia and was nearly carried off by mosquitoes the first evening, simply because I was too stingy for mosquito netting--when will I ever learn?!

Thanks for sharing your photos with us (refering to your casi bastante blog)--I can just envision the intrigue on your visage as you take them!! Aw!!!

I went to the Islamic Art Museum today and stumbled onto a Rumi exibit--some calligraphic (is this a word?) creations using Rumi texts--and thought of your book that I read. Needless to say, I thought of you as I savored the works of art!

I'll write more later--time at the Internet Cafe is nearly over.



At Wed Apr 26, 09:41:00 AM CDT, Blogger felicia said...

Hola Zacarias (perdona que no tengo acentos en la computadora que estoy usando) It wasn't so easy getting to post this simple hello, since I am not computer savvy and I had to create a blogger account first. Oh, well.

He disfrutado de las fotografias y de los comentarios que has escrito. Muy interesante y a veces divertido. No puedo creer que solo haya un gato en tu comunidad. En mi casa hasta hace poco habia cuatro gatos, puedes imaginarte?

Cuidate y que Dios te bendiga!

Felicia Hamlin


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