Monday, October 08, 2007

I was invited to four different weddings last month. Four in a row, actually. I'm all for good wedding karma -- and goodness knows I love all that love and joy and commitment -- but I was prepared for it to be hard, seeing as how none of the weddings were mine and I didn't even have a date to bring to any of them.

But they weren't hard, they were beautiful. And -- not to pick favorites or anything, but -- none were more beautiful than Jess and Heather's, in which I was Jess' best man.

These pictures are from theirs -- the light of God shone stunningly, and I've never been steeped in such poetry (even their easygoing-but-intentional placement of themselves in the church space was poetic).

Original poetry crafted for the occasion, a song custom-made for the day (with lyrics drawn from interviews with the betrothed), and spontaneous prose written in the guest book next to the goofy/gorgeous photos from the reception's photo-booth.

I love these women. And I love how their love inspires the rest of ours.


PS: Photography by the amazing Ria Czichotzki -- handheld in available light only! Check out her site and fly her in to photograph your kids or nieces or nephews.


At Mon Oct 08, 07:24:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all YOU did to add to the beauty, love and light-of-God shining in on us! Your presence was a blessing to us both. We love you too. Thank you again and again... -Heather & Jess

At Thu Oct 11, 09:04:00 PM CDT, Blogger David said...

And you didn't have to wear a tux either! Makes for a good wedding in my book!


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