Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How was my retreat?

You tell me in six months. :-)

Here's what I do know though:

  • God is impertinent and ridiculously patient, prone to reckless invitations and inexplicable intimacy. God is also fearless and hilarious -- and a royal pain in the neck.
  • I am fixated on productivity and usefulness -- my favorite strategies for security (which, it turns out, is a lust) and 'goodness' (a vanity, turns out). I am also learning fearlessness and laughing deeper. I am capable of deep sorrow and deeper joy -- and I am a royal pain in the neck.
  • Somehow, God and I love each other.

I suppose that's a sort of partial executive summary of my retreat. But, Fr Larry pointed out, just as none of us was aware of our being created when we were in our mother's womb, we don't fully get to know how we're being continually created now.

Thank you for your prayers and energy and lit candles and hope. Hope to see you all soon. (And, yes, it turns out God is crazy about each of you too. I checked.)

PS: King Alli is going in for his knee replacement surgery as I type this. Lots of good energy his way and his care team's way (especially Mook, who gets to return the favor -- from her hip replacement surgery in February -- of being #1 Caretaker)


At Thu Sep 27, 05:16:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Zac! I came looking for some wedding photos... (Jess' boots at the reception?) but found some lovely images nonetheless. It was really wonderful to see you here last weekend. It is also wonderful to read your writing about God. Thank you for being in my life... Erin

At Sat Oct 27, 05:05:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Melissa Borgmann said...

God I love you!

I mean I really, really LOVE you. These reflections on your retreat and God are so beautiful....

Thank you.


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