Friday, February 09, 2007

So here's the first batch of photo highlights from my students at Umana Barnes Middle School for you to appreciate and possibly order a copy of.

(Ooh, good thing I wasn't teaching grammar -- that's a dangling preposition!)

Cousin Steph suggested this assignment and the students had a great time imagining their world through a "worm's eye view."

(This was an easier and, I think, equally fascinating counterpart to the impossible-to-organize "bird's eye view" shot.)

Send me an e-mail or post a comment (but please don't include your own e-mail address because I'm told some spam-mail-producers ransack blogs looking for e-mail addresses to abuse) if you'd like to order a copy. All $10 goes directly to the student photographer.

Click on any photo to see it closer to full resolution. How else can you imagine what a piece of paper sees?

And there are plenty more categories to come . . .


At Tue Feb 20, 12:46:00 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are great -- I remember doing a similar theme for my AP Studio Art portfolio back in the day, and thinking I was so clever. Ah, youth. But, hmm, I'll have to decide which I want and get back to you. Um, no, you don't know me, I just stumbled across your blog sort of accidentally, but I'd like to support students actually interested in learning and growing and discovering...


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