Monday, February 05, 2007

It’s cold. And I’m happy. Not only because I think my brain and body and soul work better when there’s a brisk wind waiting around the corner, but also because my friend Paul is visiting from Minnesota and we went for a hike. My first real hike since moving to Cambridge in August -- impossible to believe but true.

There was boot-deep snow, bright warm sun, slippery sneaky ice and views for miles. This may seem an odd choice for a photo to mark the event, but Paul was stunned and I was delighted to find ice clinging to the inside of our water bottles. Made me downright nostalgic for Antarctica.

PS: Thanks in advance for sending healing energy and prayers for patience to my hardly-ever-not-on-the-go Mom. She had successful hip replacement surgery on February 1st and is now staring down physical therapy 6 times a day. Go Mookie Go -- we love you!


At Wed Feb 07, 09:57:00 AM CST, Anonymous Kent The Cool Brother said...

Brothair, I thought you'd say the ice on the water bottle would make you nostalgic for Minnesota...booyaa! I heard Antarctica is having big problems with polar bears eating the penguins. Is this true? I think it is.

At Wed Feb 07, 09:58:00 AM CST, Anonymous KC Dubz said...

Approve this!


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