Sunday, November 12, 2006

My friend and Bolivia-travel-buddy Ginger sent me this link from BBC

It's about about the road we UAC folks took every time we wanted to see a movie, or buy dictionaries for our students, our meet friends at the airport. I remember going in one time just because I wanted my students to have folders to keep all their handouts in (although I did bring back some cheddar cheese and La Paz bread).

Becky and I just compared notes with Skype (she was there for years) and we both agreed this story was a little overly-dramatic. "Must have been on the road on a bad day," she said. I agreed. But then she told me a story about the time she saw a Jeep hanging on by only two wheels. In the rainy season. Underneath a waterfall.

Nobody got hurt though, she assured me. "A couple ropes and 50 people pulling got them back on the road."

Ahhh, I miss Bolivia. (Oh, the photo above is from my first trip down the road from La Paz: Hugh holding the holy water the driver keeps in the glove box. The nuns used it to bless us all as we started our descent on the road.)


At Sat Nov 18, 12:08:00 AM CST, Anonymous Jen Fairchild said...

You've been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought I'd track you down. I hope you're well.
Care to catch up?

Jen Fairchild
Class 'O 92


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