Saturday, March 25, 2006

So you're probably curious what's in this pan.

Well, if there weren't so much solar activity (solar flares and the like) messing up our satellite internet connection, I'd probably have time to explain. But seeing as how it took this long just to get this photo posted -- and seeing as how I should have gone to bed an hour or two ago to help my body shake this rumbly tummy -- I'll let your curiosity be for now.

Here's a photographic hint, though.

Que tenga un buen dia, queridos amigos!


At Sat Mar 25, 10:46:00 PM CST, Blogger Sarah said...

Do I get extra credit points if I know what's in the pan!?

Zac, Ive enjoyed keeping up with all things UAC-CP via your frequent posts. Your pictures, especially, make me homesick--I miss all the colorful characters and beautiful children of Carmen Pampa. Thanks for sharing your experiences...I hope you're having a wonderful semester!

PS...please tell Dona Deliah, the coop cook in the photo, that I send my greetings. I miss our chats in my office. I hope she is well. She should be getting a photo of herself soon...its in the mail!


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