Friday, April 14, 2006

Just got back to Carmen Pampa last night in time for the second half of Holy Thursday mass. Our internet connection is down, so I'm cyber-squatting in Hugh's office arriba. (The fiber optic cable bringing the satellite internet to the lower campus snapped, so it will be awhile before I'm online at home again.)

The trip to Chile was really remarkable (and not only in stunning contrast to my life in Carmen Pampa) -- here are a few photos to serve as placeholders until I can get some more online. Our hosts were beyond-gracious, the wine was only outdone by the seafood, and the scenery is very different than Bolivia -- equally beautiful, I'd say.

Forgive me for being behind in e-mail correspondence -- and even more so for not catching up for at least a week or two. I hope you all have a very blessed Semana Santa.

¡Hasta pronto!


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