Wednesday, March 22, 2006

From everything we know so far, everyone we know is OK.

Just got an e-mail from Wayne, husband of Diana, who was with their sons last night in La Paz. They were near enough to hear one of the bomb blasts reported this morning by BBC. Everyone's OK but shaken, as you might imagine.

Here's the BBC report and the AP photo

Two killed in Bolivia explosions
Two people have been killed in an explosion in a hotel in Bolivia's main city, La Paz. The blast, close to government headquarters, occurred late on Tuesday. Hours later, another hotel in the city was rocked by an explosion. Several buildings were damaged and at least five people are known to have been injured in the two explosions.

Officials said two foreigners had been detained over the blasts, believed to have been caused by explosives. Attorney General Jorge Gutierrez said a Uruguayan woman and an American man had been arrested at a hotel in El Alto, 12km (seven miles) outside La Paz.

The first explosion rocked the Linares hotel on Wednesday at 2150 local time (0150 GMT). Local media say the fatal victims were a young couple. The man was killed instantly, and the woman died later in hospital. The blast destroyed two floors of the hotel and the windows of surrounding buildings.

The second explosion reportedly occurred at 0145 local time (0545 GMT) at the Riosinho hotel and also caused extensive damage to properties in the area. Police suspect plastic explosives may have been used.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/03/22 13:27:24 GMT



At Wed Mar 22, 07:41:00 PM CST, Blogger Andrew said...

Dear Zac,

I received your e-mail. Thanks! I heard about the flooding in Bolivia and was going to write beat me to it! I'm glad to learn that todo esta bien. I can't believe you stooped to the yoghurt joke, but it had the desired effect: I'm still smiling...
Your blog is impressive. How were you able to post your "collage" of photos?
My excitement to travel around the world in April has been temporarily subdued by a debilitating bout with the flu--better now than while traveling, I suppose! I've spent the last 30 hours in bed--riding the fever roller coaster and closely monitering the bowel movements. Fun , this is not. I feel I am on the upswing, though. My appreciation for my family has sure heightened, too. My father scratched my back while I fell asleep...a very tender moment--nearly vomit-enducing to an outsider, I'm sure!

Felicidades for your Spanglish, your language immersion is something I envy. I've begun to realize that my spoken French has really slipped. Hopefully, Yellowstone will draw Francophones in droves this year!

Thanks again for keeping in touch, dear friend!



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