Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thank you to everybody who called and e-mailed to make sure my family and I are OK after today's bridge collapse in Minneapolis. My folks live four blocks from that bridge. My Dad and I have biked underneath it and I drove over it just the other day.

My nurse friend Heather is on call tonight for pediatric trauma and I wouldn't be surprised if my ER doc friend Paul volunteered to help, or if the lines to donate blood tomorrow morning are long and earnest. Everyone I've heard from is OK and no one's given me names of people they know to pray for -- in either grief or gratitude -- so mine will be a generic prayer, specific only to the empty chairs at dinner tonight: of rescuers professional and impromptu, of rescued young and old, and especially for those unrescuable.

One survivor (shrugging off the label of a hero by saying he just did what we're supposed to do) looked at the news camera directly to say that everybody watching should turn right away and tell all their loved ones that they love them. Please accept this late night post from a sleepy uncle on the first day of family vacation as a feeble attempt to express just that.



At Fri Aug 03, 10:02:00 AM CDT, Blogger Natalia said...


I'm glad that you are ok, as well as your loved ones...I said a prayer for all the people affected by the bridge collapse. Glad that your parents were safe and that you were not on that bridge, but Kat and I spent a long time watching the news, wondering how, if in any way, we could help. There were so many people that reached out in the wake of that tragedy. I pray for them and for the families, victims and all the residents that use the bridge on a regular basis.

Hug, Natalia


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