Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things I'm grateful for:
  • The remarkable people gathered for the Fund for Theological Education's conference in Evanston IL last week and the beautiful (occasionally breath-taking) liturgies they rendered
  • That one of their number suggested we stop by Chicago's Pride Parade on the way to O'Hare for his plane.
  • That Minnesotans believe in air-conditioning
  • That my parents are flexible enough and my Uncle Tom is mechanic enough to get me through the two gallons of coolant Diego somehow guzzled in the last leg of my road trip to Minnesota
  • That Mookie's laptop is sufficiently better at cybersquating than mine is that I can keep up with friends' e-mails and iPhone rumors and reviews, as well as get this paltry post up online
  • That if you're persistent enough NWA will eventually give you a flight on Continental that more or less gets you in when and where their cancelled flight would have provided [A] you follow your Mom's advice and tell them what you'll be doing when you arrive at your destination and [B] you're willing to layover in Cleveland
  • That Bonita Kosciolek of Stone Pointe Shiatsu had a cancellation about the same exact time I had my first back spasm since my surgery four years ago
  • That I've successfully resisted the urge to make this a comprehensive list that tells the stories of the past few lovely days
  • That I can therefore get something approaching a good night's sleep

Things I'm not grateful for:
  • That this is the map of AT&T's cell phone coverage for Blue Ridge Summit, where I'll (otherwise happily) be spending the next 4 weeks working at a Jesuit retreat center for families.
The light color indicates 'no signal.'

So, um . . talk to you in August I guess!


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