Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is the rainy season. And on occasion it rains hard. Seriously hard, washing-out-the-road-hard. But then Don Donato and his amazing crew of scholarship students go out and lay stones to turn muddy trails into proper paths again. They were also part of the team that refashioned a footbridge over a runaway stream out of old concrete culverts and the walls of an unused hen house. And I don't know what it took, but our tap water is flowing again -- though in a slightly more opaque form.

That's what this is: drinking water. But you can see why Diana, after seeing Danielle pour a glass of it, said "Ooh, I think I'll have a glass of Fresca too." For the record, it's been treated and even chlorinated. We boil the water too, just in case. And it tastes great.

(A word to future visitors: no te preocupes -- within the week, our water will be crystal clear again. And if it's not, I'll buy you the schmancy bottled water. It's been ozonated and everything, whatever that means.)


At Sun Feb 26, 08:48:00 PM CST, Blogger Kent-n-Trisha said...

Brother, it looks kinda like a Guinness. . . yum.


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