Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two more plane rides and about 4 hours in a happily crowded minibus have finally brought me to UAC -- la Unidad Académica Campesina en Carmen Pampa de la Universidad Católica Boliviana. (You can see why that mouthful gets reduced to a one-syllable acronym -- pronounced like 'walk.')

The beauty is stunning, made more so by the kind of sunlight that only comes at altitude (we're at around 5600 feet -- just a bit higher than Denver.) And the people I've already met exude a kind of gentleness that seems to come from a combination of strength with patience.

It may be a while before I can post much more than a few words -- I know there are planned power outages in the next few days -- but I wanted to let you all know I am here. I am safe. And I am smiling.

Practice your Español reading UAC's site: here


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