Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Only a double-check of the calendar can convince me that it's been one day since the first day of classes, not the week that it feels like. And even a triple-check of the clock doesn't convince my body that 10pm is a reasonable time to still be awake. But I wanted to share my delight that my first day of class went so well: amiable students who laugh at my jokes (which is no small thing, considering my limited vocabulary) and a 'proyector data show' to share a little Keynote magic on my PowerBook -- two slides of which are shown here.

Best of all, we worked out the schedule so I'll not only get an extra hour each week with them, but the 5 total hours will be spread across 4 days. Actually, 'best of all' is really that they laughed at my jokes. I was prepared had they not -- a friend helped me with this translation in the imperative mood: ¡por favor, ríe! (Please, laugh!)

NB: "Lic." is short for licensado, the title I get because I have a bachelor's degree. And Zacarías is the cool accented Latin version of my first name. Feel free to use it liberally, amigos.


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