Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Were myfriendMargaretPost still here, her practical side would gently point out that I should probably start packing for tomorrow's flight back to the States. But since she left 4 days ago (and is most certainly missed) you get these 4 photos from my weekend in Fujian Province instead.

Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province, a city of 6 million people on the coast about 400 miles south of Shanghai.

My gracious guide and generous host there was Xiaoshan, an English teacher who visited my hometown of Blue Earth for a year back in 1990. (That's her on the left, next to her policeman son and future daughter-in-law in a lovely park near their apartment.)

Xiaoshan's beloved dog is called (if I understand the translation right) Sweet Grandpa. Or maybe Grandpa Sweetness. He's 14 years old.

There will be plenty more photos in the near future (once, you know, I pack and fly across 12 time zones and all that) from my whirlwind trip to this region, but for now I'll leave you with this shot from today's lunch. Anybody who can name more than 5 of the 13 foods on my plate gets Major Bonus Points.


At Tue Jul 15, 06:46:00 PM CDT, Blogger Jessifer said...

Hello my dear friend. Excited to see you once you return and rest up.
As for the foods - meat, noodles, peapods, corn!, and something globlike.

At Sat Jul 19, 02:54:00 AM CDT, Blogger Xsta said...

i love a challenge!
the easy peasy - peas, corn, carrots, noodle, edamame
the less defined - squid or octopus, chickeny nibblets, shredded daikon? tofu puff... for the rest i have to restudy the picture, maybe not at 1am.
dude -your tuesday post said you were leaving the next day! and it's friday! this must mean that estas aqui. llamame cariño!


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