Monday, June 30, 2008

An all-too-brief post about my travel comrades here in Shanghai:

Jyothi and Vik moved from Boston to Shanghai about 18 months ago. He works with GM, she works on her dissertation. They both raise 2 year old Sadhna, who has christened me "Pizzapizza!" because of a very fun game she and I invented that involves pretending to eat foam puzzle pieces (as pizza, naturally) and then trying (with thrilling unsuccess) to hide them on top of your head. This, combined with my ability to lift (and hold, for her entire 9 minute attention span) her high enough to reach the doorbell try-before-you-buy section at the local big box hardware store seem to have cemented a fine friendship.

Margaret (known variously as EmPee, Dr MAP, MPost, MAP-PhD and myfriendMargaretPost) is no stranger to this space, but she's also the whole reason for this trip in the first place: we celebrated her masters with a trip in the Pacific northwest and now we're celebrating her doctorate with this Chinese adventure -- which tomorrow finds us on a night train to Beijing, so I should hurry up and get myself to a relish-able bed. G'night!

(Oh, but not before sharing this twilight view of the Shanghai skyline from Jyothi and Vik's balcony...)


At Wed Jul 23, 12:01:00 AM CDT, Blogger Queen Mab said...

You so rock my world with your photos, comments, spirit, blog.




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