Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here are a few extra shots from the fiesta:

The four faces of Catholicism in Peru (five if you count the photons that snuck in one of the windows and lit the crucifix). Padre Kyungsu of Korea, Padre Cristobal de Peru, y Padre Ed of Los Estados Unidos.

My view from the surprisingly stable balcony. (Mookie, don't ask how I got up there.)

One of the chapel organizers toasting Sr Luciano with the famous pisco sour -- if I understood things right (and there's always a good chance I didn't) he said that until Sr Luciano asked him to help make the chapel a reality, he thought the purpose of his life was to sit around drinking with his buddies.

The joy of digital cameras. The Tae Kwon Do students did an impressive demonstration after Mass, before announcing they've named their summer school martial arts academy after her (it meets at 6 on weekend mornings and is led by a 4th degree black belt who happens to live in the neighborhood).

My host for the day, Padre Kyungsu, and Éstaban, a Maryknoll seminarian from the Punjabi region of India. And of course, the dogs.


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